We are a full service gold investment firm

We deal in physical gold where we help our customers store their consignments in our vault in Denmark or ship it directly to their doorstep.

We believe that the alternative investment in precious metals like gold is one surefire way to secure one’s financial future.

Our team of investment consultants will guide you to set the best investment plan which suites how much extent of investment you can make to assure the maximum profit out of your investment.


With the affirmation that your gold will be stored safely in our vaults and can be shipped down to your doorstep, anytime, any day, and anywhere.

National Bullion House

For several years, professional investors used to store their physical assets in weight accounts, rather than handling the risk of storing their values themselves.


Where do you store your values today?
At NBH we offer safe deposit boxes and vaulting in our secured Vault facilities, based in Denmark.


NBH offers two kinds of vaulting of physical valuables, online store purchases where you can choose between personal safe deposit box or vaulting.


By choosing vaulting, you can safely buy and store your physical investment in our secured vault and redeem later. Vaulting at National Bullion House is a discreet and secure alternative to the conventional bank deposit box. If you prefer, a personal deposit box is the second offered option.


The vault facilities are registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, and features the highest level of modern security.

WHO CAN access my personal vault deposit box?

The choice is yours!  By choosing the option of personal deposit box vaulting, only you and those you assign, will have the accessibility to your private box. When signing up for personal deposit box vaulting, a personal smart card will be issued with a personal code, therefore your safety box can only be accessed, when both smartcard and key are present.


You can access your box throughout our opening hours, weekdays from 9-17 and by appointment. During your visit at the vault, you’ll be granted a private access to our vault lounge area.


Only you, or those appointed by you, have access to your valuables once they are placed in your personal safe deposit box.

SECURITY first and foremost

Our most important job is to make sure you feel safe and secure when storing your values at NBH. Therefore, our vault facilities are registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and feature the highest level of modern security.  


Vaulting at NBH is a safe and secure choice for you and your values.

Still have questions?

Learn more by booking an appointment and visit our personal vaulting facilities. Where one of our knowledgeable assistants will review the benefits of vaulting, and demonstrate the vault features for your convenience.


At NBH, we place a premium on our gold grading. We do not subscribe to acquiring articles that are less in value compared to our clients’ investments. We take assurance quality a step further and ensure our gold bars are carefully examined to assure there is no extra aesthetics appeal which gives us the certainty that our customers will be fully satisfied when the articles are delivered to their doorsteps.

Start Gold Investment
Order high-grade quality gold bars at competitive prices at your convenience.
No matter where you are, you can buy Bullion Bars and Coins, and we deliver your bullion to your doorstep.
Secure your future by buying and have them stored in our secured Vault in Denmark and redeem at anytime.
Debit Card
National Bullion House provides Debit Card options to cash your gold anytime, anywhere.