Debit Card

Redeeming your assets in cash have never been easier!

NBH is redefining the Gold assets industry by providing a Personalized NBH Debit Card issued by Master Card which allows our valuable customer to redeem their Gold in cash anywhere anytime. Through Online Portal you can have your funds available in your NBH Debit Card within 1 working day.

The choice is always yours.

Each client after opening an account with NBH, will receive a NBH Debit Card issued by Master Card. These debit cards will be used to transfer funds, between the Weight Account, and the Debit card Account.Once the funds are transferred between the accounts, you’ll be able to spend your funds securely through your NBH Debit Card.

NBH Debit card can be used at any POS (Point of Sale) in-stores or online, & in any international purchases, securely without any hassle & unexpected charges.

With NBH Debit Card you have a full control of your money to use it anywhere and anytime.

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It has never been easier to stay in control of your assets like this. Whether it is for business or personal, you’ll always have an overview of all your spending in real time.


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Debit Card
National Bullion House provides Debit Card options to cash your gold anytime, anywhere.