• What is NBH?
    NBH Group is a precious metals & financial services group specializing in all aspects of Physical Gold trading.
  • What can I buy from NBH?
    You can buy Gold bullions
  • Why choosing NBH?
    We provide the best service in the market. As NBH allows you to buy, sell back, or sell your Gold or even to store it within our vaults.
  • By who NBH is regulated?
    NBH is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)
  • What shapes of Gold does NBH have?
    We provide all the international brands as well as our own brands.
  • What is the bullion platform?
    A platform which allows the customers to purchase, sell back, or redeem their purchased products 24/5.

    Our platform can be installed on all iOS and Android devices.
  • How can i access my bullion account?
    You may download our platform or by using our online portal.
  • How can I open a Bullion trading account?
    Click here to register for an account.
  • Can i sell the whole or a portion of the purchased gold to NBH?
    Yes, you can sell the purchased online through your bullion account, or physically if the commodity was in your custody. In both cases, we are buying back on the international spot market prices.
  • What is minimum Quantity of gold and other precious metals I can buy from NBH?
    As low as 1 Gram of Gold
  • On what price I can buy/sell back gold from NBH?
    You can buy and sell back the Gold on the international spot market rates which are available 24 hours, 5 days a week.
  • Is there any charge for opening a bullion account?
    No. Account opening is free of charge.
  • What currencies NBH can accept in its bank accounts?
  • How can I fund my bullion account?
    There are different solutions to fund your Bullion Account:

    a) Cash Deposit/ wire Transfer into one of our bank accounts

    b) Bullion Deposit, We can buy physical gold/silver bars on the spot market rate and add its value to your bullion account then you can to start your trading activity.
  • Is Account opening only in Denmark?
    White NBH EU is Denmark, you may open an account with us from anywhere from the whitelisted countries world wid
  • How long time does it take to redeem my physical Gold?
    It will take 2-3 working days in the normal market conditions.
  • What Bullion certification does NBH provide? What kind of precious metals brands we are selling?
    All our bullion bars & coins are matched with Dubai Good Delivery Standards (DGD) or the London Good Delivery Standards (LGD).

    NBH buys and sells a wide range of acceptable & well-recognized local brands like; Emirates Gold, Nadir Metals and Etihad, as well as a global brands like; PAMP, Credit Suisse and VALCAMBI. Which makes it easy for you to sell our physical items back to us, or anywhere in the world.
  • Is there any minimum amount to be maintained with NBH bullion account?
    No there isn’t.
  • Does NBH having a vaulting facility?
    Yes. Our vaulting place is located in Denmark.
  • How the delivery is done with NBH?
    We are partnering with an international security firm that is specialized in precious metals delivery.
  • How long does it take to buy or sell back Gold from the platform?
    The operation is done instantly.
  • Is it possible to place an automatic order to buy or sell back at a price?
    Yes. Our platform supports this feature. You may enter the price and amount you wish and when the price is there, the platform will auto-buy or auto sell back your Gold.
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