At NBH, upon instructions of redeeming your vaulted goods, or upon receipt of payment when shopping online, the ordered goods will be sent, safely and insured, in accordance with the agreed delivery time.

You will receive an email from NBH containing your tracking number, once the goods are safely packed and ready for dispatch. After the package has been shipped, you will be able to follow the status of your ordered goods.

We strive to ship your ordered or redeemed goods within the specified delivery time, however, additional delivery time may occur on out of stock goods and special orders. Should there be any unexpected delay, you will be notified directly by NBH.

You should be notified directly if there will be any unexpected delay,

Noting that the selected provider will supply your tracking number, and it may take a few hours from receiving your tracking number, to be able to track your project.

Orders paid by “Bank Transfer” or “Card” are to be collected in person from our stores by presenting a valid ID. To ensure that our customers personally receive and acknowledge receipt of the shipped items, orders will always be shipped as an ensured value package, therefore their signature is required upon arrival of the package.

Delivered bars are always LMBA, LGD or DGD approved bars, manufacturer and appearance may differ from the displayed image.

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